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The VII Annual Meeting of CIBERONC will take place on the 13-14th February 2023 in the PRBB auditorium in Barcelona.   

CIBERONC’s Annual Conference is the most awaited yearly event for our research community to gather and be updated on the most recent advances in cancer research.

This year’s edition includes, as always, a session dedicated to our scientific programs, the training and mobility program, and a talk by the new incorporation to CIBERONC.  We will have a CIBER-ISCIII session where we will have plenary lectures from CIBEROBN and the Technology Development Platform of CIBER.

Finally, an external scientific session will be held with prominent speakers from the field who will explain their novel advances in cancer research.

Moreover, we will have satellite sessions, where you can speak one on one with the following CIBER-ISCIII departments:

  1. Internalization Platform, with the coordinator Cristina Rodríguez
  2. Technology Development Platform, with the coordinator Juan Luque
  3. Knowledge Transfer Office, with the coordinator Luzma García
  4. Communication Department, with Begoña Navarro.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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